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  • Mark Forsdike


It’s been absolutely flat-out since book number two was published and with a regimental magazine to finish and get printed, it’s been manic to say the least these past weeks, but I’m very much heartened to see such considerable interest from a great many people about my book and it’s subject.

I’m delighted most of all, to see that so many sons and daughters of Suffolk Regiment Malaya veterans are buying copies of the book for their fathers and also for their own families.

In the last few days, I’ve seen photographs cropping up on Facebook of veterans holding my book which has really pleased me - in fact it’s pleased me more than anything else, as it was for them and their relative that I wrote it.

I always hoped that the next generation would be interested to see what their fathers did 70 years ago and this has proved to me that there is still a huge amount of interest in the Suffolk Regiment what they achieved in Malaya all those years ago and that theirs was a story definitely worth telling.

There has been much interest too from abroad. I seem to be selling quite a few copies in the United States and also in Australia, though perhaps that is because the Owen gun features heavily on its pages!


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