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Welcome to my website. 

From an early age, I have had an interest in military history. With a grandfather who was a keen collector of militaria and former Suffolk Regiment soldier, my deep interest in the Suffolk Regiment comes from him.

Since he gave me my first Suffolk Regiment cap badge when I was eight years-old, my passion for his old Regiment has grown and grown. Following in his footsteps, I am avid collector of all things related to the Suffolk Regiment.

In 2016 I decided, after much persuasion from my wife, to begin writing my first book. Now some years later, my first book was published in 2020 and my second book, a photo history of the Suffolk Regiment's part in the Malayan Emergency, will be published in May 2022.

Outside of my day job as an engineer, I am never far away from the Suffolk Regiment. I compile the tri-annual magazine of the 'Friends of The Suffolk Regiment' - an organisation I co-founded back in 2008 which has grown from strength-to-strength ever since and now has members all over the world.

I also enjoy being a tour guide for relatives who wish to know more about where their ancestors served in the Suffolk Regiment and since 2013, I have organised guided tours visiting the Great War battlefields on the Western Front, more recently, to Normandy, and to NW Europe.

Please take a few minutes to explore this website further to find out more about my books and their content. I am always interested in hearing from those who had relatives who served in the Suffolk Regiment during any part of its long and proud history.

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