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Since 2013, I have organised dedicated battlefield tours for small groups of interested parties to the battlefields of the Suffolk Regiment on the Western Front and North West Europe.


Using first-hand accounts of men who were there and following their actions with original maps, is what I specialise in. Together with visiting the locations of surviving photographs and taking along actual artefacts of the time, my tours are not about general overviews of offensives or battles, but are highly detailed and focus on one specific unit and their actions - in some cases, I can follow battles minute-by-minute as they developed.

Each tour comes with a series of information sheets of each stand and location being visited, along with biographies of individuals involved. Some of the previous tours I have given are below:

  • "From the Curragh to Le Cateau" - 2nd Suffolk in the first four weeks of the Great War.

  • "Six on the Somme" - The six Battalions of the Suffolk Regiment engaged in the 1916 battles.

  • "Moving Fast" - The last major actions on the Western Front for the Suffolk Regiment

  • "Steady Old Files" - 1 Suffolk in Normandy, from June to August 1944.

  • "Hard as Nails" - 1 Suffolk in Belgium, Holland and Germany, September 1944 to February 1945.

  • "Marred Success" - The Battalion's of the Suffolk Regiment at Third Ypres, July to November 1917.

Tours currently under preparation:

  • "Dundalk to Derry" - The first years of the Regiment in Ireland, 1685 to 1690.

  • "Minden" - The Regiment's principal Battle Honour from 1759 and its celebration and tradition.

  • "Brinkum, Bremen and Bramsche" - The last actions and the immediate post-war service of 1 Suffolk.

If you wish to learn more about the actions of the Suffolk Regiment on the Western Front or in NW Europe tour, please do send me a message or alternatively, please visit the Friends of The Suffolk Regiment website for more information on my past tours and please keep checking my news page for information on future tours.

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