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  • Mark Forsdike

Paperback Edition

Things have been moving at quite a pace these past weeks. First, a second draft of the front cover for the forthcoming Burma book and then this week, news that ‘Fighting Through’ is to be republished in paperback.

This is fantastic news. I did not ever think that the original hardback edition of ‘Fighting Through to Hitler’s Germany’ would sell out so soon, indeed, I didn’t think it would ever sell out! but an email from my publishers has confirmed that they are now down to the very last of the hardback editions and that the paperback edition will be published in October.

I have also been given the chance to make any alterations to the original text so some niggling typo’s and spelling corrections have finally been corrected. Embarrassingly, I wrote that one man had been ‘interred’ rather than ‘interned’(!) so it’s been good to correct these and set the record straight.

The cover for the Burma book is looking pretty good but it just needs another couple of tweaks to get it right, but it’s really close now and looking great.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the paperback edition of ‘Fighting Through’ in the autumn and the cover for the Burma book that will be revealed shortly.


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