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Suffolk Regiment Burma

My third book on the Suffolk Regiment's part in the Burma campaign; 1943-44, will be published by Pen and Sword books in May 2024.

This book is designed to be a companion volume to my first book: 'Fighting Through to Hitler's Germany.' It contains numerous first-hand accounts of the men of the Suffolk Regiment who served there together with over 40 previously unseen photographs.

'Second Suffolk' as they were known at the time, fought a bitter campaign against the Japanese both in Arakan, and later at Imphal, earning for themselves a reputation of dogged persistence and tenacity in combat. There were however the complete polar opposite of their colleagues fighting in Europe. Where First Suffolk in Europe won, Second Suffolk in Burma, lost. They were drained of experienced officers and men for Europe and there was no ready 'pool' of men to fill their depleted ranks. Losses continued throughout the campaign as older ranks were repatriated home, having served their time with the Colours. Materiel was also not as forthcoming as it was in Europe, with supplies of ammunition and more crucially drinking water, often being in very short supply. The media too never came to record their stories, so those at home knew little of their loved ones fighting in Burma.

In the main, the average age of the men serving with the Battalion in Burma was mid-late 30s, men predominantly, who were regular soldiers who had enlisted into the Regiment in the mid-1930s.

No one has written of their fighting war since 1946 and then, their counterparts in First Suffolk took the 'lions share' of the regimental history to record their successful campaign in Europe.

You can follow the progress of its journey to print by checking my 'news' page for updates and you can pre-order a a copy now on Amazon by clicking on the link below:

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