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  • Mark Forsdike

A Family Affair

I was delighted today to receive an early Christmas present in the form of a handful of photographs and papers relating to the Doggett brothers, both of whom served with 1/Suffolk in NW Europe.

Though highly unusual, I know of another pair of brothers (the Thompson’s) who served in the Battalion at the same time, so to find another family connection was great, but as always, frustrating since the book has been published!

Older brother Jim, joined the Battalion in 1941 and was wounded twice (first at Tinchebrai and second at Brinkum). His younger brother Charlie, seen here, joined later that year and went right through the campaign to Palestine without a scratch.

Here, Charlie can be seen in a highly unusual uniform combination (that defies dress regulations!) wearing his woollen battle dress blouse with 1939-45 Star and France and Germany Star medal ribbons, but worn open at the neck without a tie but worn instead with a cravat!!!

I’ve never seen that before, but is very dapper.


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