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  • Mark Forsdike

Arakan Image Spotted

It's rare to see any images of Second Suffolk during the war, so I’m always pleased to see any images of them in print - even if it is the same old chestnuts that crop up time and time again!

I have to admit that this publication was a new one on me, having never seen a copy before, but having looked a little deeper, it appears that it was formerly known as the ‘The Territorial’ which then became ‘Defence - The Home Guard Monthly’ in early 1944, and I’m guessing that as the reference to the Home Guard was removed from the cover above, that it was the first edition published after their official ‘Stand Down’ in December 1944, but it looked to be packed with many interesting articles on not only the Home Guard, by the ATS and other numerous home defence units.

However, what attracted me to it was the cover image of a patrol of Second Suffolk in the Arakan, part of a series taken in late 1943/early 1944 of various units in Burma. It shows I believe, members of the ‘Guerilla Platoon’ who appear in a couple of photos taken at that time - the other famous image shows these men in reversed order wading backward through the same piece of swamp.

Clearly, these magazines are rare and that was reflected in its selling price, but I would be interested to know if the Suffolk Regiment were actually credited in the original photo caption, or whether it was just a generic ‘Burma Patrol’ so if anyone has a copy, please drop me a line.


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