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  • Mark Forsdike

Book No. 2

So finally after months of waiting, today the final proof of the front cover for book No. 2 arrived and I’m absolutely chuffed with it.

With publication set for April 2022 and the first amendments sent back to the publishers, it seems that it’s all systems go now.

To finally see the Suffolk Regiment’s part in the campaign properly recorded gives me quite a buzz and I look forward to seeing the final proof imminently before it’s printed in the next few weeks.

I laboured hard about what image should be used on the front cover and decided that the one shown was best. It showed an exhausted 2/Lieutenant Pat Hopper on the left, with a cheerful smiling 2/Lieutenant Richard Wilson, on the right, whilst in the middle, an unknown Owen gunner is nonplused by it all! In just one photograph, you get all the emotions and the physical exertions of the entire campaign.

Please do keep checking back here to see any updates as it’s release date approaches and don’t forget to keep checking my publishers website for more information as well.


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