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  • Mark Forsdike

Hamont 75 Remembered

One year ago today, I was with Suffolk Regiment veteran Cecil Deller in the Belgian town of Hamont.

Hamont was liberated by 1 Suffolk on 20th September 1944, and over the years since, many Suffolk veterans have returned to be treated as guests of honour by its townsfolk.

Last year was special for the town and its surrounding villages for being the 75th anniversary of their liberation, they were extremely hopeful that some of our surviving veterans could attend Their celebrations. After much ringing-round of our surviving veterans, I managed to get hold of Cecil Deller who served in 9 Platoon, A Company, and he was keen to go back for their commemorations.

This year with all that’s going on, I particularly miss not seeing our surviving veterans especially since our Regimental

Day in August had to be cancelled. I hope that the world returns to some sort of normality soon.


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