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  • Mark Forsdike

Happy Birthday Ken!

It was great to wake up this morning and see the fantastic news that 1 Suffolk veteran, Ken Wright, has celebrated his 100th birthday with an energetic game of golf!

Ken joined 1 Suffolk in 1941 and served throughout the campaign in NW Europe, spending all his service with ‘C’ Company. He later followed the Battalion to Palestine in September 1945, before being demobbed in 1947.

At the battle for the Chateau de la Londe, he was serving with 15 Platoon and remembered vividly the confused and bloody fighting that took place there. Later in Holland, he also remembered with crystal clear accuracy, the confused and costly fighting on the advance to Rips Wood; a bitter action for 'C' Company that is often overlooked in the history of the campaign. I’ve never met Ken, but my good friend Peter went to interview him back in 2015 and recalled that his memory was still razor sharp and in recent years, he has been a regular visitor pilgrim to Normandy, visiting the Hillman bunker in many occasions.

In keeping with the fantastic band of old warriors that are Suffolk Regiment soldiers, most seem to live long and healthily lives. His namesake Ken Mayhew, was also still playing golf at 97, but gave it up a year later as he could no longer carry his clubs(!) but this must be a regimental record to be still playing at 100.

Well done Ken, and a very Happy Birthday to you!


Image. Courtesy of Ken Wright, via ITV.


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