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  • Mark Forsdike

Lowestoft Men In Malaya

The relaxing of the COVID rules has meant that I can get out a bit more and visit a few more Suffolk veterans.

One old Suffolk who I met at Minden Day (our annual regimental gathering) invited me to Lowestoft to see his bits and pieces and I was delighted to make the journey to see him.

After several hours sifting through his photographs of 1/Suffolk in Malaya and hearing a tale or too, I’ve borrowed a few photographs with the hope that I can squeeze them into the Malaya book (if possible). I had already seen the original of the below image of him and a chum reading their local newspaper; the ‘Lowestoft Journal and Mercury’ but I had no idea that his mother sent the actual photo of them reading the newspaper, to be published. If I can clean up the clipping that was gummed into the rear cover of his album, I’d like to squeeze it into the book as well.

It’s always the way that when you have submitted all that you can, then other amazing stuff comes along and just has to be squeezed in!


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