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  • Mark Forsdike

One Year On

Someone reminded today that it had been exactly a year since my first book ‘Fighting Through to Hitler’s Germany‘ was published.

A lot has happened in that year and sales still continue (which is more than I could have hoped for), but more importantly, it means that the story of the Suffolk Regiment is now reaching a much wider audience.

The ongoing success of the book has given me the opportunity to write another volume which will be published next year on the Suffolk’s part in the Malayan Emergency and the more I think about it, I now feel that I need to try and write a companion volume to ‘Fighting Through’ on the 2nd Battalion and their campaign in Burma and later, in India.

All I can say is thank you to you all and I hope that you have enjoyed what you have read. Here‘s to book number 2 (and hopefully to number 3 as well). As the C.O. of 1 Suffolk said on D-Day: “Keep bashing on!”


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