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A quick update on book No. 3: After a call from my publishers yesterday evening, it looks to be all systems go!

I must admit that I was not expecting such a swift reply as often these things take time, but I was very pleased that they have agreed to go ahead with it and now I need to knock the edges off the first proof and get on with choosing the photographs and maps.

Telling the story of the ‘Old Dozen’ and their jungle war has been tough (to say at least). There is precious little primary material, but I’m pleased that it has finally come to fruition. When I think back at all the people in the past who said it couldn’t be done, it makes me quite happy to think that with a couple of years, their history in the Burma campaign will finally be told.

The choice of photos is pretty easy as there are precious few of these in existence so virtually everyone I have managed to find over the years, has been included. I have managed to collate about thirty images of their time in the jungle, with about another fifteen, from their time before and their time after the campaign when they returned to garrison soldiering. I also wish to add a few at the back of those that I took at regimental reunions over the last twenty or so years.

The maps will be a bit more difficult to produce as several actions took place over the course of a single battle that will need individual maps each to illustrate how the action progressed, but I have a little time yet before these are needed.

Now, more importantly, I need to think of a title…


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