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  • Mark Forsdike


Today, I was pleased to receive the first royalties for sales of my book ‘Fighting Through to Hitler’s Germany’ and the covering email showed more sales than I could have ever have imagined.

Not being a professional author, it is difficult to gauge what sort of take up a book like mine would have, but doing the rough sums, over 500 copies have now been sold which is great - that’s 500 more people who are learning more about the story of 1 Suffolk in NW Europe.

I remember my publisher saying early on when I submitted my idea for the book that “I really think you’ll really have to push this one” and I did, but it seems to be doing ok. The money is definitely not enough to rush out and buy a speedboat with but then I never wrote it for that reason, but tonight, I think I’ll stop off any buy some beer to celebrate its small success. As one former Colonel of the Suffolk Regiment once said: “Up the Twelfth!”

Now to get back to book number two.....


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