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  • Mark Forsdike

The First Review

Unbeknown to me, today I received my first review. An old Suffolk soldier and member of the Friends called me and said ‘have you written a book?’ ‘Yes, why?’ I replied ‘well there a really good review of it in ‘History of War’ magazine!’

Well, this was news to me. I knew a couple of those who had been sent review copies by the publishers, Pen & Sword, but to hear that a major military history magazine had written a review of it, was great to hear. After establishing that I could get a copy in my local supermarket, off I trundled and after patiently waiting an hour, I managed to get in and obtain a copy. I was completely blown over by what the reviewer had written and as first reviews go, I was over the moon.

The author of the review ‘JT’ was himself an former member of the Royal Anglian Regiment, the Suffolk Regiment’s successors, and agreed with my thoughts in the prologue and echoed my assertions as to how I felt that the Battalion never really git the credit they deserved. Hopefully now word will start to get out and a few people will buy a copy, this spreading their story further, but who is ‘JT’? Please do get in contact with me, I’d like to say thank you to you.


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