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  • Mark Forsdike

Time Capsule

A chance purchase has seen me veering away for my core sphere of interest, but thankfully, I haven’t strayed too far.

I recently purchased a copy of Norman Scarfe’s 1947 history of the 3rd (British) Infantry Division; ‘Iron Division’ that originally belonged to a member of 1/Royal Norfolk who had been wounded twice during the campaign in NW Europe, but what made this book special was that he had pasted his badges into the front of the book which also contained a photograph of him and his two ‘wound’ stripes.

I’m gradually researching the service of Private Bill Nutt who was wounded first at Sourdevalle (7.8.1944) where Corporal Bates won a posthumous VC, and having recovered and returned to the Battalion, was wounded again during the attack on Kervingheim (28.2/1.3.1945). The second wound was serious enough for him to be disabled and subsequently awarded the King’s Badge.

I brought it because it spoke to me - as an untouched time capsule of one man's war but it may be a while before it gives up more of its secrets.

I invested in adding a couple more Royal Norfolk Regiment books to my library and hopefully I will be able to find out more about Bill, but if any of you can add any details about his life or service, please do get in contact and you can read more about him and his book by visiting my Twitter page.


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